Downloading & Installing
Pro for Windows:

Installing DigitalPro 4.3
4.3 is Used by Moose in the new Tutorial Videos, so Download this version to follow along!):

Download & run DigitalPro 4.3. Includes initial XMP support, faster keyword editing, GPS Compass info, "star" image ratings, "Vista" / Black theme. Plus, DNG support, Color Magic, Portrait Magic. It is free to all licensed users of DigitalPro 4.


If you already have .NET installed and are having trouble installing the regular version of DigitalPro, you can download a version that does not check for .NET.

Problems Downloading?
Solutions to possible Problems:

  • If you have any issues with the current release version, feel free to use the Beta version from the bottom of this page. There is a list of bug fixes which are included from each release.

  • If you have trouble with the DigitalPro installer downloading either the .NET framework (dotnetfx.exe), you can have Windows download them directly for you from Windows update. Once you have successfully loaded the .NET framework you can then re-run the DigitalPro install.
  • If you have a slow connection or need to install from a CD, our distributor WRP will send you an evaluation CD. E-mail them with your postal information at:
  • If DigitalPro crashes when you first launch it, it is almost certainly a mis-match between EXE & DLL files from a previous version. Try un-installing, manually moving all the EXE & DLL files in the DigitalPro folder to a backup folder, then installing the new version.

Known Issues & Update Releases:

Fixes & new Features by Release:

4.3 Release Download:

Fixed (4.3.07):

  • Update: Problem viewing some D3 DX mode NEF files,
    fixed in DP4.3.07 (currently a beta update)

New/Fixed (4.3.06) November 26:

  • Added Flash Compensation & Picture Control data for D3/D300
  • Various user reported bug fixes

New/Fixed (4.3.05) October 23rd:

  • Fixed Shoot Deletion UI
  • Fixed Stock File List printing with new versions of Word
  • Other User reported Bug Fixes

Previous version (4.3.04), October 5th:

  • Fixed Caption in Image Properties, Scene & Subject Fields
  • Other fixes for user reported bugs
  • (Experimental) Email ZIP option on submissions
    (currently only tested with Outlook)
  • Keyword Assignment & Rating Fix


  • Exclusive Copyright Registration Assistant!
    (make sure and delete/recreate your layouts for it to show up in the tools menu)
  • Expanded Help file & printable Booklets
  • New ZIP File option when creating submissions
  • Image prefix wildcard based renaming


  • Keyword/Caption bars in Light Table
  • NEF -> JPEG full-size processing
  • Various fixes for user-reported issues

Known issue:

  • If you create a zip submission and ask for the files to be removed after zipping, web gallery generation will fail (because the files have already been removed)

4.2.24 (4.2 Update): Download
(fixes bug in 4.2.22 where File images always copied & in 4.2.23 where archive files were copied)

New Features:

  • Find Images taken Same... Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month command (right click on image selected on Light Table
  • DNG EXIF information read correctly
  • Display Command on Find Files honors any filters set in the Grid


  • Send in Email command works again
  • Light Table slide selected moves to follow slideshow
  • Improved reliability for DNG & other file reading

4.2.20 (4.2 Release): Download

Fixed in Final Version:

  • Fixed: Issues with off-color thumbnails for 16-bit files saved from Capture
  • Fixed: IPTC information not being preserved in all cases
  • Changed: We have disabled background writing of IPTC metadata since it is too easy for a user to start to edit an image before the metadata is written and cause various inconsistencies. We'll continue to look for a good solution to the issue

Fixed in RC6:

  • Add to List fixed for IPTC lists
  • Support for additional AF sensor locations on newer Nikons
  • Quicker TIFF preview rendering for some TIFFs
  • Fixes IPTC for Mac Byte Order TIFFs
  • Some TIFF Captioning Issues
  • Multi-Level Keyword Import (unsupported)

Fixed in RC5:

  • Fixes IPTC for Mac Byte Order TIFFs
  • Some TIFF Captioning Issues
  • Multi-Level Keyword Import (unsupported)
  • Nikon Makernote issue on Published JPEGs
  • IPTC Category & Keyword writing to TIFF files
  • Project folder location

Fixed/New in RC4:

  • Fix for Sub-Categories bug
  • Scrollwheel now works even without images selected
  • Find window remembers size
  • Sub-Folder wildcard naming fixed

Fixed/New in RC3:

  • Fix for Canon Rebel XTi Raw files
  • Fix to avoid issues with some Mac byte order TIFF images
  • Fix Load Card dialog to correctly set initial folder
  • Fix Zoom in Slideshow to Zoom to full image in all cases
  • Add Panning to zoomed image in Slideshow

New in Beta 3:

  • Faster folder display
  • Meta-data written in Background
  • Fixed Batch Captioning issues from Beta 2
  • Known Issue: Load Card dialog doesn't start on the correct default card
  • Portrait Layout, "Black" Theme/Skin for color-neutral edit environment
  • Add new Tutorial videos to the Help menu (you may need to reset the toolbar)

New in Beta:

  • Added Find by Location. Fixed Find Filter bug
  • D200 intermittent color in Raw file fix

New in Alpha 4:

  • Fixed various user reported bugs including in drag'n'drop, sort by filetype, load card
  • Added Black theme, Blue theme
  • Improved layout loading handling

Previous Alphas added:

  • New Keyword/Caption toolbar allows you to directly edit the caption for an image & add keywords right from the LightTable (if you don't like it just right click on the toolbar and uncheck it)
  • Support for creating/writing XMP metadata to JPEG & TIFF files, (Option for) writing XMP sidecar files for other image types (Raw, PSD, etc.)
  • Various bug fixes & startup time enhancements
  • Initial XMP Support: Reads XMP data from images & sidecar files, views XMP data including all IPTC4XMP fields. Note: Currently XMP data is not written back to the file. Scene & Subject are read-only, and XMP keywords are not merged with our traditional IPTC Keywords

  • Direct keyword editing right on the light table toolbar

  • Option to display 1-5 star rankings for images on the light table cells

  • Option to display shooting data in label of light table cells (need to recreate your layouts to use these new options in View->Captions)

  • GPS Compass Support: If your image has GPS compass data (available on the Nikon D2X with firmware rev 2.0) DP4.2 will display it.

  • IPTC Date/Time now supports non-US formats

  • Shortcut key (Alt-P) added for Publish

  • Limited Vista support. Runs on Vista, although there are still some interface issues we're working on.

Version 4.1 (4.1.2)

  • Adobe DNG viewing support
  • Support for image captions on contact sheets
  • JPEG2000 viewing & creation support
  • Fix to pixelation/memory leak bug
  • Improved IPTC caption compatibility with Photoshop
  • Unzoom feature on slideshow Zoom
  • Features/Fixes from all 4.0 incremental releases (see below)

Version 4 New Features:

  • Performance improvements in image rendering, especially TIFF files
  • New (customizable) Light Table toolbar makes it easier to use than ever. Common commands are now only a click away.
  • The File Cabinet now supports "Favorites" so you can customize which drives/folders are displayed and "History" so you can quickly go back to any folder you've used before
  • A "Folder Viewer" has been added to the updated Projects control so that you can browse removable media or other folders.
  • Card loading is now in the background allowing the user to continue on with their own work
  • Travel & Return now supports "Auto-Filing" of images so that they are automatically re-named with the correct prefix & image number when returned into an existing folder with a prefix set.
  • Updated docking system makes it easier to lay out windows the way you want (note that layouts need to be recreated for DP4)
  • Supports up to 4 configurable editors which can be used for either the regular or Raw version of an image
  • Updated Keywords & Collections trees have toolbars for common commands making them easier to use and more intuitive.
  • New Skin technology lets you change the overall look of DP4. Also, we've upgraded the general look of the product. See View->Skins for options. You can also "pin" or allow windows to hide off to the side until you mouse over them, for those who like the ultimate control over their window placement.
  • Added "Send image in Email" command (requires CDO runtime, normally installed with recent versions of Outlook)
  • Re-designed "Info" panel for image info on the main screen, including captioning info
  • Choice of font color for watermarked text on submissions
  • Image comparison feature in Slideshow
  • Support for Windows AutoPlay for cards, CDs, and photo vault devices
  • Lots of other fixes & updates. New display options for controlling selection color. New "Explore folder" command in Light Table opens up Windows Explorer on the current folder. Added ability to launch external apps from the toolbar as a user-requested convenience.