Introducing DigitalPro 4 for Windows - the latest in digital image management and workflow.  DigitalPro 4 is the only solution that combines image browsing and color-managed workflow with real-time cataloging to speed the process of loading, reviewing, cataloging and publishing your photos.

Loading Images

  • Extensive raw file support for Nikon and Canon Raw files. Unique Raw+JPEG mode. Full resolution viewing, conversion, captioning, and shooting data display

  • Maintains your shooting statistics (capture, review, delete) so you can see how you're doing

  • Wizards for Loading Flash cards and New User Setup - Loading your digital film is now as simple as stepping through a quick wizard. More custom captioning options are also now available. There is also a handy setup wizard for new users.

  • Support for Raw+JPEG Mode - If you shoot with a Nikon D2H or other camera capable of Raw+JPEG, this mode will save you countless hours. By treating the Raw+JPEG as a "single file", you can see them as one image, file them as one image, and even delete them as one image. This unique capability is a must for anyone tired of wrestling with separate Raw and JPEG images. If your images have Audio files those will also be handled at the same time. (View->Raw+JPEG mode)

  • Integrated Raw File Conversion Using Adobe Photoshop CS Raw Processing Power - Photoshop CS users can have the best of both worlds. The powerful workflow capability of DigitalPro and the versatile raw file processing of Photoshop CS. DigitalPro features integrated batch raw file processing using the Photoshop CS engine (you must of course have Photoshop CS installed on the machine). This capability is completely unique to any image management application.

  • Support for JPEG 2000 Image Format (Pro Edition Only)- DigitalPro includes integrated support for both viewing and creating JPEG2000 files

Reviewing Images

  • High-performance multi-threaded Light Table for quick review of your images

  • Unique Digital Loupe allows you to check image sharpness while you review

  • Fully customizable "tear-off" user interface, with dual monitor support

  • Slideshow view for stepping through & prioritizing images or just showing your clients

  • Web Gallery (HTML) generation, including built-in Web color conversion for best viewing and user customizable HTML templates.

  • Lossless JPEG rotation, or just rotate the previews & have DigitalPro automatically rotate the image when you submit it or open it in Photoshop

  • Image Navigator for instant browsing to any image on the Light Table

  • Smart "InfoIcons" on Light Table Thumbnails - The DigitalPro Light Table features our new "InfoIcons" which display critical information about each image right on the thumbnail itself. You can see whether the image is cataloged, whether it has IPTC information, whether you used Flash, exposure compensation and what the Tone setting was. If there is an Audio file you can play it by clicking on its InfoIcon, and if there is a Raw file associated with a JPEG you can choose to edit the Raw version with a simple click on the Raw InfoIcon. This makes the LightTable the most powerful tool on the market for viewing and organizing your images.

  • Greatly improved speed in color managed mode and for image display - We've rewritten our color management capability in DigitalPro 4 to make it much faster. This means faster color accurate viewing and reviewing of your images. We're also using hand-tuned JPEG and NEF decoders for maximum display performance.

  • Automatic support for Windows monitor profile - You don't need to specify a monitor profile any longer in DigitalPro. It automatically obtains it from Windows.

  • Improved Auto White Balance - DigitalPro4 now includes Auto White Balance calculation so that your NEFs shot on Auto will display more accurately.

Cataloging Images

  • Automatic image renaming when loading cards or filing. Remembers the prefix & last image number filed for each folder, and automatically restarts from there. Can also rename based on user-specified combination of date and time. Quick File menu makes repeated filing a snap!

  • Color-coded Image Priority Tagging (IPTC compatible), with user-selectable strings

  • Cataloging of offline images (Pro Edition Only)

  • Automatic captioning of loaded images with your Copyright, Credit and Camera Profile or camera colorspace tagging (for Nikon & Canon D-SLRs) (Pro Edition Only)

  • Travel/Return support so you can take your folder structure with you in the field (Pro Edition Only)

  • Powerful but simple image database with powerful searching capability - DigitalPro includes a powerful and integrated database which will track your images, along with any categories, keywords, or collections you assign them to for fast retrieval and display. Unlike many other image databases, DigitalPro's is as close to hassle free as possible. You don't have to do anything special, DigitalPro does all the work and you get all the benefit. If you've been using a separate image database application for cataloging your images, now you don't have to. All the functionality you need is built right into DigitalPro! The DigitalPro image catalog is fully integrated with IPTC support, so your existing IPTC categories, keywords and captions are imported automatically, and DigitalPro can add IPTC fields at the same time you tag your images. You can easily Find, Filter, Sort and Report on your cataloged images.

  • Flexible image collections - You can create collections of images any time you want, using a simple checkbox or drag'n'drop interface. These collections are "virtual" so you don't need to copy the images, DigitalPro just remembers which images are in which collection. Better yet, if you move or rename images using DigitalPro, it remembers which collections they were in so your collections don't break every time you re-organize.

  • Keyword groups - Keywords can now be grouped for easy management and assignment.

  • Hierarchical categories - Image categories are now fully hierarchical. You can create a category tree as deep as you need for your shooting and filing style.

  • Full drag'n'drop filing support - As an alternative to the File... toolbar button you can drag images onto the File Cabinet tree and get the same intelligent filing as you're used to but with the flexibility of drag and drop.

  • Sort by priority - You can now sort the images on the light table by priority, with the highest priority images displayed first.

  • Sort by capture date (shooting data) - In addition to being able to sort by file date, DigitalPro also allows you to sort by the EXIF (Shooting Data) Capture Date as recorded by the camera.

Publishing Images

  • Automatic image resizing and format conversion for submissions:
    Input formats: Over a dozen, including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, JPEG2000, Photo CD, Nikon & Canon Raw, and Photoshop PSD
    Output formats:
             JPEG, TIFF, and JPEG2000
             TIFF (CYMK), Compressed TIFF & JPEG 4:1:1 (Pro Edition Only)
             Photoshop, PNG & JPEG:4:1:1

  • Built-in sharpening & color space conversions for submissions & printing, including Lanczos interpolation & adaptive sharpening

  • Integrated proof sheet printing with user-customizable templates

  • Automatic image watermarking to help ensure credit & copy protection

  • "One-touch" conversion of images for optimal PowerPoint presentations

  • Exclusive Quick Pick Mode ("Moose" mode) for fastest selection of images for submission

  • Powerful captioning editor (IPTC & Photoshop compatible) with user-creatable templates (Pro Edition Only)

  • Batch IPTC captioning of selected images (Pro Edition Only)

  • Automatic "Delivery Memo" creation for submissions (Pro Edition Only)

  • Improved contact sheet printing - Printing speed is improved, memory requirements reduced, and additional options including Print Preview have been added.

  • Generate Thumbnail Command - Generate thumbnails for a folder on demand by right-clicking on the folder in the File Cabinet Tree and selecting Generate Thumbnails.

  • Image Event Logging and Reporting - Those of you who've been looking for a way to track your submissions and sales will be ecstatic that you can do that right in DigitalPro. DigitalPro automatically logs all submissions in its database, and you can also log other events including Sales or Licenses of images. DigitalPro then allows you to generate reports on your image activity. (Pro Edition Only)