Downloading & Installing DigitalPro for Windows:

(simply download & run to install)

DigitalPro 5 (Build 5.0.13)
(Small--requires .NET 2 or later)

DigitalPro 5 (Build 5.0.11)
(Full--with .NET 2 Included

Updates: (5.0.13--August 18, 2009)

Problems Downloading? Solutions to possible Problems:

  1. If you have any issues with the current release version, there may be a newer Beta version from the bottom of this page. There is a list of bug fixes which are included from each release.
  2. If you get an install error running the DigitalPro 5 installer because you don't have .NET 2 (or later) installed then try the DigitalPro with .NET download version.
  3. If DigitalPro crashes when you first launch it, it is almost certainly a mis-match between EXE & DLL files from a previous version. Try un-installing, manually moving all the EXE & DLL files in the DigitalPro folder to a backup folder, then installing the new version, or
  4. See our Knowledgebase.

Notes for DigitalPro 4 Users:

DigitalPro 5 will install in parallel with DigitalPro 4, so you have both on your machine, but please only run one at a time! It creates a new catalog automatically (no conversion tools yet). As you catalog your images with it it will automatically create Categories & Keywords for any of your existing ones which are recorded in your images as IPTC data. DigitalPro 5 will try to use your existing previews if it can.

Importing your Keywords, Categories and Ratings from DigitalPro 4.3 into DigitalPro 5:

If your image metadata is all either shooting data or stored with the file (like IPTC and XMP) then you don't need to do anything. Just start using DigitalPro 5 and as you browse your images will be re-cataloged--or use the Right-Click "Catalog Folder" command in the file cabinet.

But if you have image information youv'ed only saved with your DP4 catalog you can export it and import it into DP5. To do this:

Install & Run DP 4.3.9 (First make sure you are running 4.3.7, and then download the special 4.3.9 Executable which allows you to export your Catalog data. Save the 4.3.9 exe on top of your installed DigitalPro4.exe)

Then Run the Catalog->Export for use with DigitalPro 5 command. If you don't see the command when you launch DigitalPro 4.3.9 simply go to the right of the main Menu bar, press the small "down/menu" arrow and choose "Add or Remove Buttons->Main Menu->Reset Toolbar" to force it to appear.

The Export will create a DigitalPro4_Export.xml file.

Then download DP5. Run Catalog->Import Catalog. If you've placed the export file in your catalog folder it will run automatically. If not you'll need to browse for it. Just let it run and it will import the keywords and categories first, followed by all your image priorities & Ratings. It won't hurt any information you already have in your new catalog. You can then add to your catalog like normal (by browsing or using the right-click "Catalog folder" menu in your filing tree).

NOTE: If you want information about particular images to be exported & imported make sure they are online and accessible when you run the Export & Import commands.

NOTE: If you have trouble running DigitalPro 4 after installing DP5 you may need to go to your \Program Files\DigitalPro folder and remove the DLL files, then re-run the DP5 installer (Choose Repair) to install the correct versions.

Release Notes for DigitalPro 5 by Build

August 18, 2009 Update (Build 5.0.13):

  • Fixed Statistics Reporting
  • Fixed Slideshow Timer
  • Now remembers caption line setting between runs
  • Other misc. fixes for user-reported issues

June 12, 2009 Update (Build 5.0.12):

  • Fix for Readers & Removables option on Vista systems
  • Fix for XMP writing to some JPEGs & TIFFs
  • Fix for image arrange function bug
  • Other fixes for user reported issues

April 7, 2009 Update (Build 5.0.11):

  • Safety check in case user tries to load images from their "C" Drive
  • Layout fixes for certain font scaling configurations
  • Updates to various base libraries for bug fixes

February 26, 2009 Update (Build 5.0.10):

  • Added Help menu items for new tutorial videos (reset menu bar to see them)
  • Fix for License Dialog Annoyance

February 12, 2009 Update (Build 5.0.9):

  • New Keyword Filter Feature (experimental, give us feedback on the forums!) -- type all or part of a term in the new keyword filter box in the keyword & category windows to limit the display to related terms
  • Arrange Window now remembers its location
  • Support for additional new camera models
  • Various Fixes for User reported Bugs
  • NOTE: If you get a license dialog for "LogicNP" after installing & starting DP, simply exit it and remove the LogicNP* files from the install folder and restart. DP will automatically replace the old files with the correct ones.

December 16 Update (Build 5.0.8):

  • Improved Find Dialog layout on Resize
  • Fixes to background metadata update
  • Fixes to Keyword field on LightTable Toolbar
  • Removed Sample Images
  • Other misc. fixes

December 4 Update (Build 5.0.7):

  • Added "Arrangement" feature to allow custom drag'n'drop re-arrangement of images prior to renaming.
    [NOTE: You'll need to reset your main toolbar or delete existing layouts to get the Image->Rearrange command to show up]
  • Added feature to remember last open file cabinet folder on restart
  • Added support for wild card renaming in Prefix+Sequence Filing
  • Cancel of Manual Rename now cancels all
  • Added Desktop Icon
  • Faster DNG thumbnail rendering, fixed vertical DNG rendering
  • Fixed Keyword Entry field in Light Table Toolbar
  • Added Progress Bar to Batch Captioning
  • Fix for Options apply display change
  • Fix for background meta data writing
  • Set Default for Display Offline Images to False
  • Added documentation for new features to Help File

November 10 Update (Build 5.0.6):

  • Fixes to Photoshop Scripting for non-CS4 users

DigitalPro 5 Initial Release (Build 5.0.5).
New features and updates since DigitalPro 4.3 :

  1. Can Run Photoshop Web Gallery & Contact Sheet Scripts directly from DP
  2. Switch to SQLite open source database, with user-friendly schema
  3. Can Run PS Action from Submissions within DP
  4. Do Image Conversion using PS as an option
  5. Faster load of large folders if cataloged
  6. Support for Vista "Aero" Look & Feel & full Vista install
  7. Version Support (DocumentID & Find by DocumentID)
  8. New Skins (Val, Xmas, Mac)
  9. XMP Support for Photoshop PSD files
  10. New, faster database, easier for user programming
  11. New Installer
  12. "Moose Working Directory" for fast disk editing / Archive support
  13. Nested Keywords saved with File for re-import
  14. Wildcard searches in Image Find
  15. ** Report Designer for Custom Reports (unsupported)
  16. ** (Advanced) Background Metadata Writing (unsupported)
  17. Added support for Google Maps for MapIt button
  18. New Splash screen layout & image
  19. File Cabinet background changes with Light Table Background
  20. Stores path to keywords so that when they are re-imported they appear in the correct place in the hierarchy (unless they already exist)
  21. Fixed problem when adding keyword or category and then assigning them
  22. Added "Sort by Camera" which sorts by Model & Serial Number
  23. Reduce Resources needed for Captioning TIFFs
  24. Added Find only files with GPS Info
  25. Allow Find by Multiple (ORed) Keywords & Categories in addition to ANDed ones
  26. (Experimental) (PRO Edition) Find offline files & display thumbnails
  27. Added Stop capability when doing conversion using Photoshop
  28. Sort by Priority sorts by Name as a secondary Sort
  29. Additional confirmation dialog for folder deletion
  30. Fixes to sub-second Capture Date recording & Camera sorting
  31. Fixes to Add new Keyword, Improved Keyword Focus Visibility
  32. Added "Summer" skin (requires deleting existing layouts to see it in the menu
  33. Fixed Status Bar when first displaying un-cataloged folder
  34. Collections & Keywords tree now initialize to collapsed for consistency
  35. Help file update + Readme File added
  36. Export/Import functions for Categories, Keywords & Catalog Information
  37. When used with DP4.3.9 can transfer keywords, categories & ratings from DP4
  38. Fix to run on Vista 64-bit correctly
  39. Added Recent Activity Reporting (may need to reset main toolbar or replace layouts to see the commands)
  40. Add Extensive Flash info, VR Info, High ISO Noise Info to shooting data
  41. NEW: Integrated EXIFTool into Digitalpro so there is a new tab "All Shooting Data" under properties that lists just about every piece of data on your image and camera you can imaging. Includes some great ones like distance information, Depth of Field and other unique image data (depending on your file format, of course).
  42. Added support for Nikon Coolpix P6000 Raw files (NRW file format)