Image Management for Photographers:
A How To Series for those serious about digital imaging

Image Management Lessons:

Companion Videos
Showing step by step workflow:

New for DigitalPro 6: Moose Peterson's Series of 6 online videos including Setup, Card Loading, Image Reviewing, Image Tagging and Backup and Validation  

Lesson #1: Learning DigitalPro


Making the Most of the New Features in DigitalPro 5

Moose's DigitalPro 5 Basic Setup tutorial

Moose's Video on Setting up the DigitalPro Workspace

Lesson #2: Image Uploading & Reviewing



Moose's DP 5 Card Uploading Video
(customizing DigitalPros Upload Wizard for maximum productivity)

Moose's Image Edit & Review Video

Lesson #3: Image Filing


Systems & Tips for Filing your images

David's Image Filing Video

Moose's DP 5 Image Filing Video

Lesson #4: Image Keywording


David's Image Keywording Video

Lesson #5: Image Preparation & Finishing


Moose's Image Finishing Video
(touching up your images with Capture NX & Photoshop)

Lesson #6: Image Submissions


(Creating an image submissionfor your clients, publications, stock agency or online library)

David's Creating an Image Submission Video

Moose's Editorial Submission Video

Lesson #7: Image Storage


Strategies & Tips for Storing your Images




For a full list of Moose Peterson's DigitalPro tutorial videos see the DigitalPro 5 Tutorial videos on his site or his new DigitalPro 6 Tutorial Videos on his DP6 page (NEW).

[Note that some of Moose's older Tutorials use DigitalPro 4 and DigitalPro 6. All the same features, and more, are in DigitalPro 6, but some of the command names have been changed. David's videos are screen + captions only, while Moose's have audio]


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