Wildlife and Nature

"As to DigitalPro, LOVE IT! Best digital database there is for shooters, and I'm looking forward to the next version."  --John Shaw, John Shaw Photography

"Youíre certainly doing a great job. The web presentation is incredible. Iíve checked several other programs out and have found nothing comes close to what you and Moose have developed."  --Daniel Cox, Natural Exposures

"I LOVE IT!" Read Joe's full review.  --Joe McDonald, Hoot Hollow 

"The attendees at my workshop loved the DigitalPro demonstration. They we all amazed at how easy it was to load, review, catalog and keep track of images using your software. " --Craig Ingram

"With Digital Pro I easily view, edit, file, and manage my digital images just as I always have with transparencies only much faster. That - with itís excellent renaming, captioning, submission, and other ďproĒ oriented features - makes DP yet another reason Iím preferring digital over film based photography." --Weldon Thomson, Rocky Pass Nature Photography

"An indispensable image management program for digital photographers, DigitalPro puts the word "fun" into editing, labeling, filing & submitting your images." Read Jan's full review. --Jan Allinder, Lucid Images

"Digital Pro has succeeded in it's objective to make managing images easy and intuitive. My workflow is much the same as when I was editing and filing slides but MUCH FASTER now. This gives me the freedom to spend more time in the field which is what it's all about anyway." --Laurie Excell, Excell Nature Photography

"My most valuable piece of software. Can't live without it! It kept me away from leaving Windows"  --Rudiger Merz, Styx Photo

"Digital Pro is an OUTSTANDING program and it just keeps getting better! It turns the tedious job of editing and filing images into a quick and easy task. Moose and Davidís insights on integrating these editing features with those that allow you to totally manage your images, create submissions, plus resize images for slide shows are ingenious. This program is an indispensable tool for any digital photographer."  --Kevin Dobler, Images of Nature

"Just wanted to let you know that I've tried the new version and think it's awesome...well come on...I mean AWESOME!!! I really like the tutorials, they were a great help in getting me up to speed fast. A lot of users are going to like this feature and I recommend watching each one. Great job Moose and Dave!" --Bob Peltz, Michigan Nature

"I don't think I could have written DigitalPro any better if I'd written it myself! I'm glad DP2 added some support for my Canon D60" --Mike Ouye, Shooting Light

"I love the DigitalPro software, and wouldn't want to shoot digital stuff without it. Editing new images was the worst part of my day with digital, and with this program, it's a joy. Good work!"  --Bill Silliker, The Camera Hunter
(Sadly, Bill passed away in October, 2003 while engaged in one of his favorite past times, leading a group photographing the Moose of Maine. He will be sorely missed.)