User Testimonials

We built it to save us time and put the fun back into working with our digital images. We hope you enjoy DigitalPro as much as we do!" --David Cardinal and Moose Peterson

"I've been using Digital Pro since its first release in 2001.  I  was impressed with its ease of user and speedy performance.  In those early days, it was clearly a performance leader.  Since that time, it  has only gotten better.  Each new release has added function and improved on its previous performance.

Unlike other image management tools, the cool thing about Digital Pro is that it doesn't force a particular style or way of organizaing your images. As a result, you can develop a work flow that best suits your needs and style of photography rather than having one imposed on you!  Of particular interest to me is its ability to tag images with keywords and categories.  I have 250,000 images in my digital library, and this set of features allows me to assemble submissions, and unique collections of images in extremely short periods of time." -- Adam Felde, Natural Light Images

"For those who want a reliable, user friendly, and cost effective cataloging software, DigitalPro should be at the top of your wish list. Current users will not be sorry if they upgrade to DP6. The increase in image preview speed alone is worth the upgrade price of $99.00. So, for free you also get image stacking, batch edit transfer to any image editing program, and a bunch of other useful upgrades. The strongest plus I can offer for DigitalPro is the intuitive nature of this program.

Check out the DigitalPro forum at You'll find a lot fewer questions and problems listed than with other DAM software. Any when there is a problem, David Cardinal is always very prompt in posting a solution. David's team carefully listens to requests for upgrades and regularly tweaks in a useful update. Try any of that with the competition only if you're looking to be ignored. DigitalPro catalogs your images better, faster, easier, and with terrific flexibility. When my copy got upgraded to DP6 the day it was offered, I emailed David that anyone would be nuts not to upgrade. That's my story and I'm still sticking to it."-- John Rowell

"Thank you for making a top program like DigitalPro for all of us shooters. Well Done!" -- Bill & Sheryl White

"David, I must say you are very responsive. Every now and then I check out the other DAM programs that are available just to see what they offer or have added. I don't find anything that does editing as fast and easy as DP. ... DP is still the best. And you fix things fast." --Billy Mitchell, Portrait and Wedding Photographer

"I love the way DigitalPro keeps getting better with each release--with improvements following closely on real-world user needs. And it is still so user-friendly that you can get up and running quickly but later customize it to your own style. It's made tracking and archiving my image collection much easier." --Bill Dewey, Sports Photographer

"DigitalPro is a fantastic piece of software.  I have a Canon D60 and it was an essential part of my workflow."  --Steve Parr

"Thanks for a great program. I don't know what I would use to file all these images with otherwise."  --Randy Cowan

"As a long-time DP user, I wasn't sure that you could have improved it enough to have warranted a new version number.  But I was wrong!  Congratulations on the improved interface and all the great new features.  By themselves, the revised light table and the faster .nef slide show would make it worth upgrading.  To me, all the other wonderful improvements are just icing on the cake." --Tom Vandais

"I just had to send you a email to tell you how much I appreciate your program. I have had it for several months now and had never taken the time to get into it until today.  I could not believe how easy it was once I got my feet wet. I filed two years worth of digitals in about 4 hours and that included editing time." --Mike Hourigan

"...[Digital Pro 2] has expanded the capabilities of Digital Pro which I thought was the BEST program around. The digital loupe alone, makes the program unique. In this day and age where software can be very expensive, Digital Pro and Digital Pro 2 are amongst the best value I have seen on the digital photography marketplace. I use it with digital ( D1X, D100, Coolpix 5000 and Konica 500Z) and non-digital images that were scanned to organize my entire photo database." --Jed Best

"The new DigitalPro is absolutely a joy to use." -- Jeremy Campion