Downloading & Installing DigitalPro for Windows:

(simply download & run to install)

DigitalPro 6 (Build 6.0.25)


May 24, 2017: (version 6.0.35) DigitalPro.exe

  • (Replace the EXE from the full install with this one)
  • Add support for additional video file formats
  • Add support for transferring video caption files (.srt)
  • New Exiftool.exe (just replace existing version)Exiftool

May 23, 2016: (version 6.0.33)

  • (Replace the EXE from the full install with this one)
  • Fix ISO display bug
  • Fix misc bugs, add support for additional video file types

January 20, 2015: (version 6.0.29):

  • Various bug fixes
  • Supports display of .vob files
  • Limited support for DxO Optics Pro sidecar files

September 30, 2013: (version 6.0.25) DP6_6025_Full

  • Fixes print error occurring on some systems

April 15, 2013: (version 6.0.24) DP6_6024_Small

  • Fix for Raw file compatibility on some D800, D4, D7100 cameras
  • Fix for slow startup on some systems

January 3, 2013 (version 6.0.22): DP6_6022_Small

  • Initial release of PS CS6 compatibility
  • Fix for user-reported issue with loading raw files from Nikon D4

September 29, 2012: Patch

  • Fix for user-reported issue with keyword column width, EXE only, simply replace the 6.0.19 executable with this one

August 26, 2012 Memory improvements (new 6.0.19) DP6_6019_Small

  • Reduce memory for large monitors with large tile settings
  • Fix issue where corrupt thumbnails were generated
  • If your system does not have .NET installed, use DP6_6019_Full

August 16, 2012 Pixelation fix (new 6.0.18 EXE)

  • Fix for out of memory condition that caused pixelated previews
  • Install 6.0.15 and then replace DigitalPro.exe with this one

June 25, 2012 D4 Patch (new 6.0.17 EXE)

  • Does not attempt to write IPTC directly to D4 NEF files, only to sidecar files (like Photoshop & Lightroom), to prevent potential corruption due to yet another changed and undocumented Nikon raw file format.
  • Adds support for moving & launching mp4 format files

May 5, 2012: Patch (new 6.0.16 EXE)

  • Allows grouping of Fuji Raw (.raf) files with JPEG in Raw+JPEG mode

February, 2012: DP6_6015_Small.exe

  • PSD EXIF data fix
  • Display performance improvements
  • Nested keyword Import bug fix
  • Better error handling on Photoshop launching
  • More raw file types supported in Raw+JPEG

June 22, 2011: 6.0.14: DP6_6014_Small

  • Import Tabbed Keyword Lists up to 3 levels deep
  • Fixed Image Info Display of Title, Country & Country Code
  • Fix problem with Help files introduced in 6.0.11
  • Fix installer issue with 6.0.13

4/1/2011: 6.0.12: DP6_6012_Small

  • New "Experimental" Image Browser to allow multiple windows open on different folders. (Requires doing a reset on the Light Table Toolbar to show the new menu item in the Layout menu).
  • "Select"ing an image (using "S") in the Slide Show tool automatically advances to the next image.

2/11/2011: 6.0.11: DP6_6011_Small

  • Fix for Cataloging Video files over 2 GB
  • New Full Build for debugging or for systems without .NET installed
  • Misc Bug Fixes

10/6/2010: 6.0.10: EXE Update

  • Fix to Auto-Stack Command
  • Fix for image display on Load Images in Capture sort order
  • Display Icons for Illustrator Files
  • Add support for Nikon P7000 to Raw+JPEG capability

6/8/2010: 6.0.07: DP6_6007_Small

  • NEW/Experimental Auto-Stack HDR Command (automatically stacks selected images if they are bracketed series of shots, particularly useful for HDR sessions) [the next build will feature better accuracy when stacking images from multiple cameras or with varieties of non HDR EComp values]
  • Add support for drag'n'drop filing of Stacked Images
  • Updated menu library
  • Copyright submission preview images are now given "jpg" extension so Copyright office can read them more easily.
  • View->Refresh now re-reads the folder for image/file updates

5/10/2010: 6.0.06: DP6_6006_Small

  • Fix for Help File Commands not working on some installs
  • Fixed links for Rangefinder Mag & AP Caption Guidelines
  • Fixed Raw Editors 5 & 6 not always launching correctly

5/5/2010: 6.0.05 Released DP6_6005_Small

  • Added Batch Edit RAW Command (Hold Shift while selecting the Editor)
  • Fix Load Card IPTC Captioning
  • Add Editor 5 & Editor 6 to Slideshow menus (resets slideshow toolbar)
  • Add option to add Filing Prefix & Number to Stock File List print out

4/15/2010: 6.0.04 Released DP6_6004_Small

  • Remembers "Don't show warning again" Command
  • Improved suspect image detection, rejects more false positives
  • Links added in Help Menu to Moose's new DP6 Videos
  • Fix for exception when cancelling background validation task
  • Fix for reading distance & focal length from XMP files
  • Enable Contact Sheet Printing

4/4/2010: 6.0.02 DP6 Released: DP6_6002_Small

  • Media file thumbnails are now cached
  • Fixed memory leak in processing Photoshop files using Smart Objects
  • Rating/Keyword/IPTC Save to File now Defaults to True
  • Better accuracy in showing file captions after keyword changes

3/26/2010: 6.0.01 (Sneak Peek)

  • Fixed swap of Country & Country Code in XMP data
  • Fix to reading EXIF data from some edited JPEGs
  • Fix to Printable Documentation Links

3/8/2010: 5.9.06: (RC2)

  • Added support for Panasonic Raw Files (.rw2)
  • Fixed problem displaying Aperture on some PSD files
  • Fixed exception on some File Image requests
  • Next/Previous Image now resets Zoom as needed

2/23/2010: 5.9.05: ZIPPed EXE (only works with 5.9.01)

  • Greatly Improved performance for displaying keyworded images:
  • Improved performance for PSD display, large image and large folder display
  • Additional Shooting data shown for PSD files
  • Restore ability to turn image preview window off if desired

2/11/2010: 5.9.01: RC1 Update

  • Fix initial LightTable caption to display Image Name
  • If you don't see all the options for Captions you may need to reset the main menu bar using the little down arrow on the right
  • Fix Display Images from a Category by Double-Clicking
  • Fix Tools->Options->Apply error
  • Added error message for missing copy of word when generating SFL

2/9/2010: 5.5.15: RC1

  • Added Support for CaptureDate in LightTable captions
  • Allow user-configurable sets of LightTable Captions
  • Added ISO to Light Table Captions
  • Reduced memory requirements for Catalog Maintenance
  • Improved rendering speed for color managed images
  • Fix for Light Table displaying Upper & Mixed case filenames
  • Background Metadata Writing is now configurable in the Options dialog
  • Updated EXIFTOOL to Version 8.10, used in Display all Image Data

2/1/2010: 5.5.14:

  • Fix to XMP Data read/write for Adobe files
  • Added Keyword Copy & Add Copied Keywords [Copy keyword appears after the Keyword InfoIcon is clicked, and Add/Paste Keywords is on the Command menu and Control-K shortcut, although you'll need to reset the LightTable toolbar to see the command]
  • Fixed license popup
  • Fix to slow thumbnail generation for Adobe (PSD, DNG, some TIFF) files

Problems Downloading? Solutions to possible Problems:

  1. If you have any issues with the current release version, there may be a newer Beta version from the bottom of this page. There is a list of bug fixes which are included from each release.
  2. If you get an install error running the DigitalPro 5 installer because you don't have .NET 2 (or later) installed then try the DigitalPro with .NET download version.
  3. If DigitalPro crashes when you first launch it, it is almost certainly a mis-match between EXE & DLL files from a previous version. Try un-installing, manually moving all the EXE & DLL files in the DigitalPro folder to a backup folder, then installing the new version, or
  4. See our Knowledgebase.

Notes for DigitalPro 4 & 5 Users:

DigitalPro 6 will install in parallel with DigitalPro 4 or DigitalPro 5, so you have both on your machine, but please only run one at a time! If you are using DigitalPro 5, DP6 will automatically use your existing catalog. You will need to recreate your layouts.

For safety you may wish to use the Catalog->Utilities->Backup command to create a backup of your existing DigitalPro catalog before upgrading.

If you are jumping straight from DP4 to DP6 and want to convert your catalog from DigitalPro 4 you'll need to Export it and then Import it. See the DP5 download page for instructions.

Release Notes for DigitalPro 6 by Build